Server Backup

Cloud Labs provides a professional backup service powered by Idera known in the past as R1Soft, a leading vendor in backup software. The software is designed for efficiency and full control of backup management. Two key benefits are the ability to schedule backups at frequent intervals to minimize the risk of data loss, and the ability to retrieve individual files without assistance from Cloud Labs. Other benefits are the ability to backup MySQL databases with a clean cutoff, and the ability to configure reports on the status of backups.
The important features of this enterprise backup service are:
Disaster Recovery Bare-Metal Restore Proprietary block level incremental copy, with plugin for MySQL databases Runs on the Virtual Machine (VM) Any frequency down to 10 minutes, up to 100 recovery points (retentions) per backup Policy Files and directories can be excluded from backup Backup vendor’s administrative interface Backups are stored on separate storage system in other data center location as the Virtual Machine Ability to retrieve individual files Default and customer configured automated reporting Encryption

What’s most important about our server backup service?

Continuous Data Protection® Technology (CDP) by Idera R1Soft it’s one of the most advanced backup solution in the world.

Safe Backup Copy

While normal backup solutions secure data being backed up on the same server as the hosting service, Idera R1Soft CDP Backup keeps a safe backup copy of your website on a secondary secured server for emergency usage.


Open File Backup

Idera R1Soft CDP Backup includes built-in support for backing up open files (files that are currently in use or being changed) so you won’t lose any files that happen to be open when it performs a backup. All files get backed up every time, accurately and are ready for restore if you need them.


High Performance

Sector-based backups increase throughput and reduce overhead. Servers can be fully operational with minimal performance impact during backups. Backups can usually be performed at any time without interruption to other server I/O process, even on busy servers.


Save Backup Storage

Incremental sector-based backups ignore unused portions of the disk and copy only the disk sectors that have changed since the last backup. When used with traditional compression, this reduces backup storage by as much as 90% compared to a traditional system-wide, file-by-file backup.


Quick Disaster Recovery

Restore servers directly from disk-based backup via Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery. Unlike traditional backup software, there is no need to first partition your drive and install the operating system. Your web files, databases, operating systems and applications are restored perfectly.


Near Continuous Backups

Unlike traditional backup tool, Idera R1Soft CDP Backup does not run on backup schedule. Whenever any user within the network changes any file on the server the changes are backup up automatically in almost real time on periodic snapshots.


Fast Incremental Backup

Incremental backups know what sectors on the disk have changed before the backup operation even starts. Only the changes to files that have been made since the last backup was created will be backed up. Smaller backup windows allow incremental backups to be completed in minutes instead of hours.


Strong Security

Data is backed up and restored with end-to-end strong encryption. The backup data stays encrypted until the last moment when it is being decrypted during restoration. This ensures the stored backup files are well protected in off-site backup server from any theft, or fraudulent activities.

Quick view of our services

CLOUD LABS provides a full range of hosting services and solutions for small and midsize companies.

CLOUD Servers

Powerful virtual servers created via full hardware virtualization, which act like a physical server.


Our VPS servers are optimized for fast deployment of web applications. We use powerful hardware and WEBUZO control panel.

R1Soft Backup

Protect your data from disasters, with our backup solution. Our servers are located in three different locations on the globe.

Enterprise E-mail

Enterprise Email Service is powered by Open – Xchange 7, a leading messaging and collaboration cloud application.

Shared Hosting

Affordable hosting for business and personal use. All plans include: Website Builder, Daily Backup, Softaculous, Cloudflare.

SSL Certificates

Secure your website with SSL. We provide SSL certificates from the best vendors like Geotrust, Symantec and Comodo.

Our Best Features

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