Cloud Server Hosting

Virtual servers are basically a slice of a dedicated server, designed to run your own operating system, applications and custom settings, independent of other servers on the same hardware node. The full control of resources management and applications / operating system settings is one of the main differences between a virtual server and a traditional shared hosting plan, where you have limited access to update system settings and also no control on resources shared with other customers. Our cloud KVM servers are built using full hardware virtualization, which has several advantages over traditional virtual servers, such as complete isolation of resources, resources can be adjusted independently vs upgrading to a new plan (pay only what you need). Another major advantage is that these virtual servers are acting exactly like dedicated hardware nodes, which allows installation of all operating systems – various top Linux distrubutions, Windows Server, FreeBSD, etc. Full control is emphasized by providing root access to the servers and a remote console that doesn’t require a direct internet connection to the server, the same way you would use a monitor/display to a traditional PC/server. And because configration of a server is a complex task, we’ve anticipated this chalenge by offering a free commercial control panel – Webuzo, this way allowing fast deployment of both system applications and hundreds of website types, such as blogs, eCommerce, management solutions, etc – all in one click. In order to take advantage of the full hardware virtualization, we deploy these servers only on SSD storage. The flexibility of the full hardware virtualization technology allowed us to integrate it in a cloud environment, meaning that complex virtual hardware configurations are possible (such as attaching secondary disks), settings across servers can be migrated easily to another hardware node for better redundancy and uptime.

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Cloud Servers Features

What’s Included in our Cloud Servers

KVM is a virtualization infrastructure which takes advantage of the latest hardware virtualization capabilities and is tightly integrated with the Linux kernel.


Web Management

Manage your virtual server: Start, Stop, Reboot, Shutdown, Reinstall OS, Remote console, Backup, Task history.


SSD Storage

We use only high performance, low latency SSD disk drives for high speed, performance and reliability.


Full Control

You have full root access to OS. Our enhanced web management interface gives you full control to the server.


24/7 Support

You can anytime open a support ticket from the client interface or you can send an email to


99.9% Uptime

Our servers are HP branded. We are able to guarantee great uptime of our Cloud infrastructure.


Instant Provisioning

With our service, you can get up and running in just a few minutes and support for installing the OS!

Quick view of our services

CLOUD LABS provides a full range of hosting services and solutions for small and midsize companies.

CLOUD Servers

Powerful virtual servers created via full hardware virtualization, which act like a physical server.


Our VPS servers are optimized for fast deployment of web applications. We use powerful hardware and WEBUZO control panel.

R1Soft Backup

Protect your data from disasters, with our backup solution. Our servers are located in three different locations on the globe.

Enterprise E-mail

Enterprise Email Service is powered by Open – Xchange 7, a leading messaging and collaboration cloud application.

Shared Hosting

Affordable hosting for business and personal use. All plans include: Website Builder, Daily Backup, Softaculous, Cloudflare.

SSL Certificates

Secure your website with SSL. We provide SSL certificates from the best vendors like Geotrust, Symantec and Comodo.

Our Best Features

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